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city overview

nestled in the heart of europe's industrial powerhouse, germany, duisburg stands as a beacon of resilience and innovation. this city, woven with waterways and crowned with the world's largest inland port, has redefined its industrial legacy to embrace sustainability and community engagement. duisburg's transition from a steel and coal giant to a hub for green initiatives and circular economy practices showcases its commitment to a sustainable future. with a rich history, diverse culture, and forward-thinking policies, duisburg is not just a city—it's a living, breathing testament to the power of transformation.

fun facts

- duisburg is home to the duisport, the largest inland port globally, through which a significant portion of europe's goods pass, making it a critical node in international trade and logistics.

- the city boasts an extensive network of waterways, earning it the nickname "water city." these canals are not just functional; they are also beautiful, offering scenic routes for leisure and recreation.

- duisburg has made remarkable strides in green space development, with the landschaftspark duisburg-nord, a former steel mill turned public park, symbolizing the city's commitment to environmental rejuvenation and cultural heritage.

- the city is a pioneer in circular economy efforts, hosting numerous initiatives aimed at reducing waste and encouraging recycling and product repair. from community repair cafes to innovative waste management strategies, duisburg is at the forefront of sustainable urban living.

- education and research are key to duisburg's sustainable development, with institutions like the university of duisburg-essen focusing on environmental science, renewable energy, and sustainable technologies.

- cultural diversity is celebrated in duisburg, with a plethora of cultural festivals, international cuisines, and community events that highlight the city's inclusive and vibrant social fabric.

- duisburg plays a crucial role in the rhine-ruhr metropolitan region, one of europe's most significant economic areas, making it a strategic location for businesses focused on sustainable development and green technologies.

through these efforts and more, duisburg not only educates its residents about the importance of sustainability but also actively engages them in shaping a zero-waste, circular economy future.

sustainability snapshot

duisburg's zero waste achievements and objectives:

- initiatives and achievements:

- duisburg has implemented a comprehensive waste management system aimed at reducing waste sent to landfills.

- the city has seen success with its recycling programs, which include the separation of organic waste, paper, glass, and packaging materials.

- duisburg's "green city plan" includes measures to promote zero waste among citizens and businesses, focusing on education and incentives for waste reduction.

- the city has invested in local composting facilities to manage organic waste and reduce methane emissions from landfills.

- ongoing projects:

- expansion of the "repair café" network where residents can take their items to be fixed by volunteers, fostering a culture of repair and reuse.

- "duisburg circular," a pilot project, promotes sharing platforms and the circular economy in urban development areas.

- partnerships with local businesses to develop closed-loop systems for material use, reducing the need for new resources and minimizing waste.

- future goals:

- duisburg aims to achieve a 50% reduction in household waste per capita by 2030.

- the city is working towards establishing a zero-waste certification for local businesses to encourage sustainable practices.

- implementation of a city-wide educational campaign to increase awareness and participation in zero waste initiatives.

circular economy strategies:

- duisburg is working on integrating circular economy principles into its urban planning and economic development. this includes promoting product life extension, material recovery, and eco-design.

- the city supports local initiatives that turn waste into resources, such as converting food waste into biogas.

- investment in innovation hubs that focus on developing circular economy solutions, providing resources and support for startups in this sector.

repair initiatives:

- the "duisburg repairs" program encourages citizens to repair rather than discard items, providing online resources and directories for repair services.

- local education programs offer workshops on diy repairs for electronics, textiles, and more, empowering residents with the skills to maintain and repair their belongings.

- the city provides subsidies for businesses that incorporate repair services into their offerings, thus expanding the repair economy within duisburg.

waste statistics:

- recycling rate: duisburg has a recycling rate of approximately 45%, with the ambition to increase this figure through enhanced sorting technologies and public engagement.

- waste generation: on average, each duisburg resident generates around 500 kg of waste per year, with a targeted reduction to 250 kg by 2030.

- landfill diversion: the city has been successful in diverting over 75% of its waste from landfills through recycling and waste-to-energy processes.

duisburg's dedication to sustainable waste management, circular economy, and repair initiatives is reflected in these strategies and statistics. the city's comprehensive approach addresses the full lifecycle of products, aiming to minimize waste and engage the community in sustainability efforts. through ongoing education, incentives, and infrastructure investment, duisburg is forging a path towards a more sustainable and zero-waste future.

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let's make sure that each of our products gets fixed at least once during its lifetime.

let's make sure that each of our products gets fixed at least once during its lifetime.

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