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city overview

edinburgh, the capital city of scotland, stands as a historical and cultural beacon, yet it is its commitment to sustainability and zero waste initiatives that truly sets it apart. nestled among rolling hills and striking architecture, this city is leading by example in pushing for a greener, more sustainable urban living. embracing the principles of the circular economy and fervently advocating for waste reduction and product repair, edinburgh offers a model for cities worldwide striving towards a zero waste future.

fun facts

- edinburgh hosts numerous repair cafes and workshops, encouraging residents to fix rather than discard damaged goods, fostering a culture of repair and reuse.

- the city has committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030, showcasing its dedication to combating climate change and promoting a sustainable future.

- zero waste scotland operates in edinburgh, offering resources and support for waste reduction efforts, including initiatives to eliminate food waste and promote recycling.

- edinburgh's circular edinburgh project aims to transform the city’s economy to one that is circular, reducing waste and encouraging the use of sustainable resources.

- the city boasts an impressive network of cycle paths, promoting eco-friendly transportation and reducing reliance on cars.

- numerous farmers' markets and zero waste stores in edinburgh make it easier for residents to shop sustainably, reducing packaging waste and supporting local, organic producers.

- edinburgh participates in the earth hour and other global environmental campaigns, highlighting its commitment to global environmental issues and sustainable urban living.

- community gardens and urban farming initiatives are widespread, encouraging city dwellers to connect with their food sources and embrace sustainable gardening practices.

- the edinburgh remakery, a social enterprise, offers workshops on repairing electronics, textiles, and furniture, promoting a culture of skill-sharing and sustainability.

- through its green belt, edinburgh protects its natural landscapes and biodiversity, ensuring green spaces are preserved amidst urban development.

edinburgh is not just a city with a rich historical tapestry; it is a city boldly moving towards a sustainable and zero waste future. its initiatives serve not only to protect the environment but also to inspire its residents and visitors to adopt more sustainable lifestyles.

sustainability snapshot


1. zero waste towns: edinburgh has been part of scotland’s zero waste plan, which includes initiatives to transform urban areas into zero waste towns. this effort focuses on reducing waste, increasing recycling, and encouraging community engagement in sustainability.

2. circular edinburgh: the city has been active in promoting circular economy strategies through various business and community programs. one such program is the circular edinburgh project, which supports local businesses in understanding and implementing circular practices such as resource efficiency and sustainable design.

3. repair and reuse hubs: edinburgh boasts a number of repair cafés and hubs, such as the edinburgh remakery, which not only offer repair services for electronics, furniture, and textiles but also provide education on repairing and upcycling to the community.


1. zero waste 2025: edinburgh aims to become a zero-waste city by 2025 with a strong emphasis on reducing waste sent to landfill, increasing recycling rates, and implementing city-wide composting programs.

2. circular economy strategy: the city plans to develop a comprehensive circular economy strategy, encouraging local businesses to adopt circular models and creating closed-loop systems for materials and resources.

3. expansion of repair networks: edinburgh is working towards increasing the accessibility and visibility of repair services across the city, ensuring that all residents have easy access to repair and reuse facilities.

ongoing projects:

1. food waste reduction: edinburgh is working on initiatives to reduce food waste through partnerships with restaurants, supermarkets, and local charities, aiming to redistribute surplus food and educate the public on food waste prevention.

2. community engagement: the city regularly organizes events such as zero waste festivals and workshops to raise awareness about waste reduction and circular economy principles among residents.

3. sustainable transportation: investment in cycling infrastructure and promotion of electric vehicles are part of edinburgh’s strategy to reduce the environmental impact of transportation, thereby indirectly affecting waste generation through reduced car dependency.

future goals:

1. plastic-free city: edinburgh is aspiring to significantly reduce single-use plastics, aiming to become a leading plastic-free city through policy, business engagement, and community initiatives.

2. innovation in circular economy: the city is looking to foster innovation hubs that focus on developing new technologies and business models that support a circular economy.

3. education and workforce development: edinburgh is planning to integrate sustainability and circular economy principles into educational curricula and professional development programs, creating a knowledgeable workforce adept in zero waste practices.

waste statistics:

- recycling rate: edinburgh has a recycling rate of around 38%, with ambitions to increase this significantly in the coming years.

- waste to landfill: as of the latest reports, edinburgh has reduced waste sent to landfill and is continuing efforts to minimize this further through recycling and composting programs.

- circular economy impact: while specific statistics on the circular economy's impact are evolving, it is known that initiatives like the circular edinburgh project have helped numerous businesses to reduce waste and adopt sustainable practices.

please note that these figures and descriptions are illustrative. for the most current and accurate data, one should consult the latest reports and resources provided by the city of edinburgh council and related environmental organizations.

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let's make sure that each of our products gets fixed at least once during its lifetime.

let's make sure that each of our products gets fixed at least once during its lifetime.

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