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city overview

nestled at the confluence of the rhone river and lake geneva, geneva stands as a beacon of diplomacy, finance, and a commitment to sustainability. this cosmopolitan city, renowned for hosting the united nations and a plethora of international organizations, is also a trailblazer in environmental conservation and zero waste initiatives. geneva's picturesque setting, combined with its innovative approach to urban living, offers a unique blend of natural beauty and sustainable urban development.

fun facts

- geneva is home to the jet d'eau, one of the tallest water fountains in the world, symbolizing the city's vitality and its deep connection to lake geneva.

- the city is the birthplace of the red cross, emphasizing its long-standing commitment to humanitarian efforts and global cooperation.

- geneva's public transport system is one of the most efficient and sustainable in the world, with a high usage rate among residents and visitors alike.

- it hosts the annual geneva international motor show, where the latest in electric and hybrid vehicle technology is often showcased, highlighting the city's commitment to reducing carbon emissions.

- geneva has a vibrant green belt, with numerous parks and gardens that not only enhance the city's beauty but also contribute to its biodiversity and residents' well-being.

- the city actively promotes a circular economy, with numerous shops dedicated to the repair, reuse, and recycling of goods, from electronics to clothing.

- geneva's waste management system is recognized for its innovative approaches to minimizing landfill waste, including advanced recycling programs and energy recovery from waste.

in geneva, sustainability is not just a policy; it's a way of life. the city's dedication to zero waste principles, alongside its efforts to foster a circular economy and encourage product repair, sets a commendable example for urban centers worldwide.

sustainability snapshot

geneva, nestled at the southern tip of expansive lac léman, is not only the heart of international diplomacy but also a city deeply committed to environmental sustainability. known for its clean, picturesque landscapes and high quality of life, geneva has been actively working towards becoming a zero waste city, integrating circular economy principles, and promoting repair over replacement.


- waste reduction initiatives: geneva has implemented a robust recycling program that includes the collection of organic waste, paper, glass, metal, and textiles. the city has also banned single-use plastic bags in retail stores, encouraging residents to use reusable alternatives.

- urban composting: community composting initiatives have been successful, with several urban composting sites available for residents to dispose of their organic waste, fostering a culture of composting and soil regeneration.

- repair cafés: geneva supports several repair cafés where residents can bring broken items to be repaired by volunteers, promoting a culture of repair and reuse instead of disposal.

- circular economy network: the establishment of the geneva circular economy network connects businesses, academia, and the public sector to foster collaboration on circular economy projects.

ongoing projects:

- zero waste education: the city runs ongoing educational campaigns in schools and local communities to raise awareness about waste reduction, recycling, and the importance of a circular economy.

- e-waste collection: geneva has expanded its electronic waste collection services, ensuring that valuable materials are recovered and properly recycled.

- green public procurement: the city is increasing its investment in green public procurement, ensuring that purchased goods and services have a reduced environmental impact throughout their lifecycle.

future goals:

- zero waste stores: geneva aims to increase the number of zero waste stores, providing consumers with more opportunities to purchase goods without unnecessary packaging.

- circular economy strategy: the city plans to develop a comprehensive circular economy strategy that will guide future policies and practices, aiming to close the loop on resource use.

- expansion of repair initiatives: geneva is looking to expand its network of repair initiatives, including offering support for local businesses that focus on repairing and refurbishing products.

waste statistics:

- recycling rate: geneva has a strong recycling rate, with over 50% of waste being recycled or composted.

- landfill reduction: the city has significantly reduced the amount of waste sent to landfills, with a continued downward trend projected.

- repair and reuse: repair initiatives have saved thousands of items from disposal, although exact figures are evolving as more programs are implemented.

geneva's dedication to sustainability is evident in its various initiatives and goals. by consistently working towards zero waste and circular economy strategies, and by fostering a community that values repair and maintenance, geneva serves as a model for other urban environments looking to reduce their environmental footprint.

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let's make sure that each of our products gets fixed at least once during its lifetime.

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