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city overview

madrid, the vibrant heart of spain, stands as a beacon of cultural richness, historical legacy, and bustling urban life. amidst its picturesque streets and grandiose architecture, madrid is also carving out a path towards sustainability, striving to redefine its relationship with the environment through zero waste initiatives, circular economy practices, and a growing culture of repair. this city, alive with the spirit of renewal, invites its residents and visitors alike to partake in a journey towards a more sustainable and waste-free future.

fun facts

- madrid is home to the "retiro park," a green oasis in the city center, which serves as a living example of the city's commitment to green spaces and biodiversity.

- the city boasts europe's first repair café, a community-driven project that champions the repair over replacement of items, fostering a culture of sustainability and skill-sharing.

- madrid has implemented extensive recycling programs, including the innovative use of brown bins for organic waste, contributing to the city's zero waste goals.

- the "mercado de vallehermoso" is a testament to madrid's push towards local and sustainable consumption, offering a space where local producers and consumers can connect directly.

- the municipality has launched the "madrid 360" environmental strategy, aiming to reduce emissions, promote sustainable mobility, and enhance urban greenery, all in alignment with zero waste principles.

- madrid's public transport system is amongst the most efficient in europe, encouraging residents and visitors to opt for eco-friendly modes of transportation.

- the city annually celebrates "la semana europea de la prevención de residuos" (the european week for waste reduction), hosting various events and workshops to educate and engage the public on the importance of reducing waste.

through these initiatives and more, madrid is not only a city steeped in history and culture but also a forward-thinking metropolis dedicated to fostering a sustainable, zero waste future.

sustainability snapshot

zero waste achievements

madrid has made significant strides in waste management and reduction. the city has implemented a comprehensive waste collection system that separates organic waste from recyclables, with an emphasis on increasing the recycling rate. madrid has been actively working on reducing single-use plastics and has encouraged businesses and consumers to shift towards reusable and sustainable alternatives.

circular economy efforts:

in alignment with the european union's circular economy action plan, madrid has been fostering initiatives to keep products and materials in use for as long as possible. the city has supported the emergence of local circular economy startups and has invested in research and development to promote innovative recycling technologies. one notable project in this area is the "madrid circular" project, which aims to convert urban waste into resources.

repair initiatives:

madrid has recognized the importance of extending the lifespan of products through repair. the city has seen a rise in repair cafes and workshops, which are community-driven events where residents can bring their broken items to be fixed by volunteers, thus learning repair skills and reducing waste. madrid also hosts events to educate citizens about the benefits of repairing electronics, clothing, and other household items, rather than discarding them.

future goals:

looking ahead, madrid aims to further reduce landfill waste by enhancing its zero waste strategies. the city plans to improve the separation of waste at the source, increase the capacity for recycling, and further reduce the consumption of disposable products. madrid is also looking to expand its green zones and urban gardens, which contribute to waste reduction through composting and community engagement.

waste statistics:

- madrid generates approximately 1.2 million tons of household waste annually.

- the recycling rate in madrid has been increasing, with current figures indicating that around 30-35% of waste is recycled.

- organic waste collection has expanded, with separate bins for organic waste now available in many districts, aiming for a significant reduction in the amount of biodegradable waste going to landfills.

- the city has set ambitious targets to continue increasing recycling rates, aiming for 50% by 2025, in line with eu directives.

madrid's dedication to sustainability and responsible waste management is an ongoing journey. through education, community involvement, and the implementation of innovative practices, the city is working towards becoming a model of a circular economy and zero waste urban environment.

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let's make sure that each of our products gets fixed at least once during its lifetime.

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