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city overview

nestled along the sun-drenched costa del sol, malaga stands as a beacon of sustainability amidst its historic and cultural splendor. as a city that marries the charm of its ancient past with modern innovations, malaga is on a steadfast journey towards achieving zero waste, championing circular economy practices, and encouraging its inhabitants to embrace repair over replacement. this vibrant urban environment is not only a hub for art and history but also a front-runner in eco-friendly initiatives aiming to inspire both locals and visitors alike.

fun facts

- malaga is the birthplace of the world-renowned artist pablo picasso, making it a pivotal city for art lovers and historians. the picasso museum in malaga is a tribute to his genius, drawing art enthusiasts from across the globe.

- boasting one of the warmest winters in europe, malaga enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine each year, providing an ideal climate for outdoor activities and festivals that promote sustainability and environmental awareness.

- the city’s commitment to green transportation is evident through its expanding network of bike lanes and electric bus fleet, encouraging residents and tourists to opt for more eco-friendly travel options.

- malaga’s historic centre is a testament to its rich history, featuring narrow streets that reduce the urban heat island effect and promote walking, further aligning with its zero waste and sustainability goals.

- the initiative "malaga recycles" focuses on enhancing recycling rates and educating the public on the importance of waste separation, aiming to significantly reduce landfill waste by 2025.

- malaga’s "repair café" movement is gaining momentum, offering community-driven workshops where locals can learn to fix everything from electronics to clothing, fostering a culture of repair and reuse.

- as part of its circular economy efforts, the city has seen a rise in shops and markets dedicated to upcycled and second-hand goods, encouraging a shift away from disposable consumerism.

- the "green patrol", a group of environmental educators, roams the streets of malaga, engaging with the public on proper waste disposal practices and the importance of preserving urban green spaces.

through these concerted efforts, malaga is not just a city that thrives on its historical and cultural heritage but also exemplifies a modern commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable living.

sustainability snapshot

achievements and objectives:

málaga, a jewel of the costa del sol, is not just a cultural hub but also a progressive city when it comes to sustainability. the city has taken strides in aligning with the european union’s waste management directives and aims to position itself at the forefront of zero waste and circular economy practices.

recently, málaga has implemented city-wide recycling initiatives, enhancing waste sorting and collection services to facilitate the reuse and recycling of materials. the "málaga recycles" campaign has notably increased public participation in recycling programs, showcasing the city’s commitment to environmental education and community involvement.

in terms of repair initiatives, málaga supports local repair shops and encourages the establishment of community repair events, such as repair cafés. these initiatives are designed to extend the life of products and reduce waste, in line with circular economy principles.

looking ahead, málaga aspires to further minimize landfill use and increase the recycling rate. the city is exploring innovative technologies for waste management, including advanced recycling plants and waste-to-energy solutions, to create a more sustainable urban environment.

waste statistics:

- annual waste generation: recent estimates suggest málaga generates approximately 400,000 tons of waste per year.

- recycling rate: the city has seen a significant increase in recycling, with rates climbing steadily as new initiatives take root.

- landfill reduction goals: málaga is on a mission to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills by 50% in the coming years, with an ambitious plan to reach near-zero landfill waste by 2030.

to facilitate these goals, málaga has invested in better waste sorting facilities and is constantly improving the efficiency of its waste collection services. the city also actively promotes the use of eco-friendly materials and the reduction of single-use plastics among its residents and businesses.

by spotlighting málaga's dedication to sustainability, this guide aims to inspire and mobilize its citizens to embrace a greener lifestyle. through community effort and city-supported initiatives, málaga is becoming a leading example of urban sustainability in action.

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let's make sure that each of our products gets fixed at least once during its lifetime.

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