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city overview

nestled in the northern part of italy, turin stands as a beacon of sustainability and innovation. known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and progressive approach to environmental stewardship, this city is on the forefront of the zero waste movement. with its picturesque landscapes, bustling urban life, and commitment to maintaining a balance between nature and development, turin is an exemplary model of how cities can transform into sustainable urban environments. let's delve into the unique aspects that make turin a leader in promoting zero waste principles, circular economy efforts, and a strong repair culture.

fun facts

- turin was the first capital of italy and is renowned for its baroque architecture, lending it a distinctive elegance and historical depth.

- the city is a pioneer in the field of circular economy, hosting numerous startups and initiatives aimed at reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

- turin is home to the world-famous shroud of turin, an artifact that has intrigued scientists and historians alike, adding a layer of mystery to the city's rich cultural tapestry.

- it boasts one of the largest open-air markets in europe, the porta palazzo market, where locals and tourists alike can enjoy fresh, locally-sourced produce, emphasizing the importance of community and sustainability.

- turin has implemented extensive bike-sharing and public transportation networks, encouraging residents and visitors to opt for eco-friendly modes of transport.

- the city hosts the torino fashion week, which has recently seen a surge in eco-conscious designers showcasing sustainable and ethically-made clothing, reflecting turin's commitment to sustainable innovation in all sectors.

- turin's universities and research institutions are at the forefront of studying and implementing zero waste strategies, making it a hub for academic and practical advancements in sustainability.

- the city celebrates the "festival of lights" with energy-efficient led lighting, highlighting its dedication to reducing energy consumption and its carbon footprint.

- turin has numerous repair cafes and initiatives, where citizens can bring broken items to be fixed rather than discarded, fostering a culture of repair and reuse.

- it is surrounded by the alps and river po, providing not only stunning natural beauty but also a constant reminder of the importance of preserving our natural environment through sustainable urban living.

turin exemplifies how cities can lead the way in environmental sustainability, combining historical heritage with modern innovations to create a thriving, eco-conscious community.

sustainability snapshot

notable achievements:

- turin has become a leader in italy for sustainability, having implemented comprehensive waste management systems that align with the european union's waste hierarchy which prioritizes waste prevention, reuse, recycling, and recovery.

- the city has championed the use of advanced technology in waste collection, including smart bins and waste sorting facilities, to increase the efficiency of recycling processes.

- turin has established a network of 'repair cafés' where residents can bring items for repair, thereby fostering a culture of repair and reuse.

- the city has initiated urban farming projects that not only provide local, fresh produce but also utilize organic waste as compost, reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills.

ongoing projects:

- turin is expanding its network of dedicated recycling facilities, aiming to make it easier for residents to recycle a wider range of materials.

- the city is working on enhancing public awareness campaigns focused on the importance of waste sorting and reduction, including school programs and community workshops.

- public-private partnerships are being fostered to develop innovative circular economy startups that can turn waste into resources, creating jobs and reducing environmental impact.

- turin is investing in research and development to improve the lifecycle of products through better design and materials that are easier to repair and recycle.

future goals:

- turin aims to achieve a waste recycling rate that exceeds the targets set by the european union.

- the city is working towards a significant reduction in per capita waste generation by promoting zero waste lifestyles and consumption patterns.

- a long-term goal is to establish a city-wide circular economy framework that connects various sectors such as manufacturing, retail, and waste management to create a closed-loop system.

- turin plans to become a hub for innovation in sustainable materials, encouraging businesses to develop and use products that are fully recyclable or biodegradable.

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let's make sure that each of our products gets fixed at least once during its lifetime.

let's make sure that each of our products gets fixed at least once during its lifetime.

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