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city overview

valencia, nestled on the southeastern coast of spain, is a vibrant city where tradition meets innovation. known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and the birthplace of the famous dish paella, valencia is also paving the way toward sustainability and embracing zero waste principles. as a city committed to environmental stewardship, valencia is actively engaging its residents and visitors alike in practices that support a circular economy and waste reduction.

fun facts

- valencia is home to the futuristic city of arts and sciences, a testament to its commitment to cultural and scientific advancements.

- the city celebrates the annual "las fallas" festival, where locals create and then burn giant ninots (figurines) in a tradition that symbolizes the renewal and cleansing of social ills.

- valencia boasts europe's largest urban garden, the turia gardens, a splendid example of urban regeneration and green space commitment.

- it has implemented extensive bicycle lanes and bike-sharing programs, encouraging eco-friendly transportation among its residents.

- valencia is working towards becoming a zero waste city by promoting recycling, composting programs, and policies that encourage product repair and reuse over disposal.

- the city has introduced initiatives to support local farmers and producers, fostering a closer connection between consumers and their food sources, which, in turn, reduces food miles and packaging waste.

- valencia hosts various repair cafes and workshops aimed at educating the public on how to fix broken items instead of discarding them, reinforcing the value of repair and maintenance in a throwaway culture.

valencia's commitment to sustainability, its vibrant culture, and innovative approaches to waste reduction make it an exemplary model for cities worldwide. through its efforts, valencia not only preserves its rich heritage but also ensures a healthier, more sustainable future for generations to come.

sustainability snapshot

valencia, a vibrant city on spain's southeastern coast, is not only known for its rich cultural heritage and stunning architecture but also for its commitment to sustainability. the city's accomplishments in zero waste initiatives are as colorful and varied as the mosaic tiles adorning its historical buildings.

notable achievements:

- green public spaces: valencia has embraced the creation of green spaces that foster biodiversity and community involvement. the turia garden, a verdant ribbon stretching through the city, is a testament to this, repurposing a former riverbed into an urban lung.

- sustainable transport: the city has invested heavily in sustainable transport, with an extensive network of bike lanes and a reliable public transportation system that reduces reliance on personal vehicles.

ongoing projects:

- valencia circular 2030: this ambitious plan aims to transform the city by implementing circular economy models in waste management, promoting the use of recycled materials, and reducing the environmental footprint.

- community repair workshops: valencia encourages repair over replacement through workshops and initiatives that focus on teaching residents how to fix everything from electronics to furniture, thus extending product life cycles and reducing waste.

future goals:

- zero waste by 2030: valencia has set a bold objective to achieve zero waste by 2030, which includes strategies for reducing waste generation, increasing recycling rates, and diverting waste from landfills.

- expansion of urban gardens: plans are in place to increase the number of urban gardens, encouraging local food production and composting, which will further reduce food waste and carbon emissions.

waste statistics:

valencia's commitment to waste reduction is reflected in its progressive decline in waste generation per capita. current estimates indicate that:

- the city produces approximately 900 kilograms of waste per person per year, with a significant portion being diverted from landfills due to recycling and composting efforts.

- the recycling rate has been steadily increasing, with a target to surpass 50% in the coming years.

- organic waste collection and composting programs have seen an uptick in participation, with plans to expand these services to reach more residents and businesses.

valencia's blend of historical charm and modern sustainability initiatives makes it a leader in urban waste reduction. the city's commitment to a zero waste future, supported by community-driven repair workshops and circular economy principles, positions it as a role model for urban environments worldwide. with each resident's contribution, valencia is not just preserving its heritage but paving the way for a cleaner, greener future.

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let's make sure that each of our products gets fixed at least once during its lifetime.

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