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city overview

antwerp, a gem nestled in the heart of belgium, stands as a beacon of cultural richness and innovative sustainability efforts. this bustling port city, known for its diamond trade, fashion, and remarkable architecture, is on a steadfast journey towards embracing zero waste principles and fostering a circular economy. with its vibrant urban life, antwerp is a model city demonstrating how tradition and modernity can blend to pave the way for a more sustainable future.

fun facts

- antwerp is home to the second-largest port in europe, playing a critical role in international trade and local economy.

- the city proudly hosts the antwerp fashion academy, one of the world's leading fashion schools, nurturing creativity and sustainable design.

- antwerp's central station, often referred to as the 'railway cathedral', is not just a transportation hub but a stunning example of architectural grandeur.

- it boasts a rich history in diamond trading, with approximately 85% of the world's rough diamonds passing through the city.

- the antwerp zoo, one of the oldest in the world, focuses on conservation and sustainability, reflecting the city's commitment to biodiversity.

- antwerp has implemented a "smart city" strategy, utilizing technology to enhance public services, environmental sustainability, and the well-being of its citizens.

- the city is a pioneer in the circular economy, with numerous initiatives encouraging product repair, material recycling, and the reduction of waste.

- antwerp's vibrant arts scene includes the museum aan de stroom (mas), which showcases both local and global perspectives on culture, art, and design.

- innovative urban farming projects are sprouting up across antwerp, contributing to local food production and reducing the city's carbon footprint.

- community-driven repair cafes and workshops are gaining momentum, empowering residents to fix, reuse, and appreciate the value of their possessions.

antwerp's dedication to sustainability, combined with its rich cultural tapestry, makes it a leading example of how urban environments can thrive while prioritizing the planet. through education, engagement, and action, antwerp is carving a path towards a zero waste future, inspiring both its citizens and cities worldwide to follow in its footsteps.

sustainability snapshot


- zero waste marketplaces: antwerp has seen the rise of zero waste stores such as "robuust" where customers can buy food and other products without unnecessary packaging.

- repair cafés: the city has actively supported the establishment of repair cafés, where residents can bring broken items for repair instead of discarding them, fostering a repair culture within the community.

- circular economy projects: antwerp has engaged in circular economy projects, including initiatives to recycle textiles and to repurpose building materials, reducing waste in the construction sector.

- sustainable city logistics: with initiatives like "slim naar antwerpen", antwerp promotes sustainable urban freight, reducing emissions and waste from transportation.

- waste collection innovations: the use of smart waste containers that compact trash and notify collection services when full, optimizing waste collection routes and frequencies.

ongoing projects:

- circular south: an eu-funded project that aims to turn antwerp's south district into a circular economy hot spot, focusing on energy, waste, and water management.

- port of antwerp's circular economy: the port is a hub for circular economy activities, with businesses recycling a wide range of materials, including plastics and metals, and using waste as a resource.

- eduwaste: the city's educational program for schools, focusing on waste prevention, proper recycling practices, and the importance of a circular economy.

- green roofs initiative: encouraging the installation of green roofs across the city to manage stormwater, improve insulation, and reduce waste related to energy consumption.

future goals:

- zero waste by 2030: antwerp has set an ambitious goal to become a zero waste city by 2030, focusing on reducing waste generation and increasing recycling and composting rates.

- expansion of circular economy zones: plans to create additional zones in the city dedicated to circular economic activities, providing incentives for businesses that adopt circular practices.

- innovation hub for circular economy: developing a center for innovation that will serve as a think tank and incubator for sustainable start-ups and circular economy initiatives.

waste statistics:

- recycling rate: antwerp boasts a recycling rate of approximately 70%, reflecting the city's commitment to waste separation and recycling.

- waste reduction: the city has seen a steady decline in residual waste per capita, indicating the effectiveness of waste reduction strategies.

- circular material use: antwerp aims to increase the use of circular materials in manufacturing and construction, with a current reuse rate of materials at 20% and growing.

the city of antwerp is a leading example of how urban environments can adapt and thrive through the adoption of zero waste and circular economy principles. with ongoing projects and future goals set in place, antwerp is on a promising path to not only reduce its environmental footprint but also to serve as a blueprint for sustainable urban development worldwide.

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let's make sure that each of our products gets fixed at least once during its lifetime.

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