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city overview

nestled in the heart of england, birmingham stands as a beacon of innovation and resilience. with its rich industrial past, this bustling metropolis has transformed into a vibrant, culturally diverse city, committed to sustainable living and zero waste principles. birmingham's journey from a manufacturing powerhouse to a champion of the circular economy and waste reduction is both inspiring and instructive. amidst its historic canals and modern architectural marvels, the city cultivates green spaces, champions sustainable urban development, and fosters community-led initiatives aimed at preserving the environment for future generations.

fun facts

- birmingham is known as the "city of a thousand trades" due to its dynamic history in manufacturing and trade.

- it boasts more miles of canals than venice, offering unique opportunities for urban waterway clean-ups and sustainable transport options.

- the city is home to the birmingham bullring, one of the largest shopping centres in europe, where numerous retailers participate in recycling and waste reduction programs.

- birmingham's library, one of the largest public libraries in europe, promotes the sharing economy through its extensive collection and community programs.

- it hosts the annual birmingham zero waste festival, attracting innovators, activists, and citizens to share ideas and solutions for a sustainable future.

- the birmingham energy institute is at the forefront of research into energy storage, efficiency, and low-carbon technologies, contributing to the city's sustainable development goals.

- community repair workshops and tool libraries are flourishing, empowering residents to mend and maintain rather than discard and replace.

through these initiatives and more, birmingham is not just talking the talk but walking the walk towards a zero waste future, proving that even the most industrious cities can redefine their legacy for a greener tomorrow.

sustainability snapshot

welcome to the heart of the midlands – birmingham. this vibrant and bustling city is not only a hub of culture and history but also a burgeoning center for sustainability and environmental consciousness.

zero waste achievements and objectives:

birmingham has embraced the zero waste philosophy with initiatives aimed at reducing waste and encouraging recycling. the city has made strides in managing household waste through improved collection services and educational campaigns. notably, the birmingham city council has made a commitment to reduce waste to landfill, with an ambitious goal to recycle at least 70% of waste by 2035.

the city also supports the circular economy through local businesses and start-ups that are innovating in the fields of material recovery and product lifecycle extension. birmingham's focus on urban sustainability is further highlighted by its investment in green spaces, aiding in the reduction of urban pollution and fostering community engagement.

circular economy strategies:

birmingham is fostering a circular economy through support for businesses that prioritize sustainable materials and practices. the city promotes repair and reuse with events like repair cafés, which not only keep items out of landfills but also teach valuable skills to residents. additionally, birmingham is home to a growing number of businesses focused on upcycling and repurposing materials, showcasing the city's entrepreneurial spirit in the face of environmental challenges.

repair initiatives:

repair initiatives are a cornerstone of birmingham’s approach to waste reduction. the city encourages repair and maintenance through workshops and local repair businesses that help extend the life of products. by advocating for a ‘repair, not replace’ culture, birmingham is actively reducing waste and stimulating the local economy.

waste statistics:

birmingham generates approximately 500,000 tonnes of waste each year, a significant challenge that the city is tackling head-on. the city has witnessed a steady increase in recycling rates, with recent statistics indicating that around 30% of waste is currently being recycled. while there is room for improvement, the city's efforts highlight a strong commitment to reducing the environmental impact of waste.

opportunities for improvement:

there is potential for growth in areas such as organic waste composting, expanding recycling facilities, and further promoting the circular economy amongst businesses and consumers. birmingham aims to continue increasing recycling rates, reducing single-use plastics, and enhancing the sustainability of its urban infrastructure.

engage and take action:

residents are encouraged to partake in local sustainability initiatives, whether it's by composting at home, attending a repair workshop, or supporting local businesses that subscribe to circular economy principles. every individual's effort contributes to the broader goal of a waste-free birmingham.

together, we can transform birmingham into a model of urban sustainability, where waste is not an endpoint, but a new beginning.

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let's make sure that each of our products gets fixed at least once during its lifetime.

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