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city overview

dortmund, nestled in the heart of germany's ruhr region, stands as a beacon of sustainability and innovation amidst its industrial heritage. this vibrant city is on a transformative journey, embracing zero waste principles and fostering a circular economy with a strong focus on product repair and waste reduction. dortmund's commitment to environmental stewardship and community engagement makes it an exemplary model for urban sustainability efforts worldwide.

fun facts

- dortmund is home to the westfalenpark, one of europe's largest urban parks, offering a green oasis for relaxation and outdoor activities, underscoring the city's commitment to green spaces.

- the city boasts a unique initiative, the "repair café dortmund," where locals gather to repair household items, from electronics to textiles, promoting a culture of reuse and skill sharing.

- dortmund's waste management system is recognized for its innovative approaches to reducing landfill waste, including advanced recycling facilities and community-led zero waste programs.

- the phoenix see, a man-made lake in dortmund, represents a successful transformation from industrial use to a leisure and living area, exemplifying the city's dedication to sustainable urban redevelopment.

- dortmund is a pioneer in promoting sustainable mobility, with extensive bike lanes and public transportation networks, encouraging residents to opt for eco-friendly travel options.

- the city hosts an annual "sustainable week," featuring workshops, exhibitions, and activities designed to engage the public in sustainable living practices and environmental conservation.

- dortmund's local government actively supports green businesses and startups focused on circular economy solutions, providing a fertile ground for innovation in sustainability.

- in an effort to reduce food waste, dortmund has implemented community fridges where residents can share surplus food, fostering a sense of community while combating waste.

through these initiatives and more, dortmund is not just talking the talk but walking the walk towards a more sustainable and waste-free future. the city's efforts to engage its citizens in zero waste practices, circular economy, and repair initiatives serve as an inspiring model for urban areas globally.

sustainability snapshot

as a bustling urban hub in the heart of the ruhr area, dortmund is a city where sustainability and zero waste efforts are increasingly becoming a priority. recognized for its transformation from an industrial powerhouse to a green and sustainable city, dortmund demonstrates a commitment to environmental stewardship and waste reduction. here’s how dortmund is making strides towards becoming a zero waste city:

accomplishments and objectives:

1. waste reduction initiatives: dortmund has implemented a robust waste separation system that encourages residents to sort their waste into various categories such as paper, packaging, organic waste, and residual waste. this has significantly increased recycling rates and reduced landfill dependency.

2. circular economy strategies: the city invests in circular economy projects that prioritize the reuse and recycling of materials. businesses and startups focused on upcycling and repurposing are supported through grants and initiatives like the "circular valley" which aims to become a global hotspot for circular economy innovations.

3. repair initiatives: dortmund has embraced the concept of repair over replacement. repair cafes and community workshops have become increasingly popular, providing residents with the tools and knowledge to fix their belongings, from electronics to textiles.

4. educational programs: dortmund runs educational campaigns to inform its citizens about the importance of waste reduction and sustainable living. schools and universities are involved in research and development of zero waste strategies.

5. future goals: the city aims to further decrease the amount of waste per capita and increase recycling rates by implementing advanced waste sorting technologies and promoting zero waste lifestyles through continued public education and incentive programs.

notable achievements:

- dortmund's green city plan: focused on improving air quality, energy efficiency, and sustainable urban mobility, which indirectly contributes to waste reduction efforts by promoting a more sustainable overall urban environment.

- resource efficiency network: dortmund is part of a network that aims to optimize resource use, reduce waste, and promote sustainability in industrial production.

ongoing projects:

- eco-friendly public transport: enhancing public transport to reduce carbon footprint and encourage a shift from private car use, thereby also reducing waste associated with vehicle maintenance and consumption.

- expansion of green spaces: continuously expanding urban green spaces to improve the city's climate resilience and provide community composting sites, which contribute to organic waste reduction.

waste statistics:

- recycling rate: dortmund has a recycling rate of approximately 45%, with an ambition to surpass the 50% mark in the coming years.

- waste generation: the average waste generated per inhabitant in dortmund is around 450 kilograms per year, and the city aims to reduce this by promoting minimalistic and conscious consumption patterns.

- organic waste processing: a significant portion of organic waste is processed into compost and biogas, showcasing an effective diversion from landfill and contribution to renewable energy sources.

engagement tools and calls to action:

- zero waste app: a city-sponsored app to help residents track waste production, discover local repair shops, and learn about waste sorting rules.

- monthly challenges: encouraging citizens to participate in monthly zero waste challenges, rewarding the most innovative and effective waste reduction strategies.

- youth ambassador program: empowering the younger generation to take the lead on sustainable practices through school programs and city-wide initiatives.

dortmund's efforts illustrate a city in transition, embracing the principles of zero waste and circular economy. the city's dedication is reflected in its waste management policies, infrastructure, and active citizen engagement. through ongoing projects and future goals, dortmund continues to pave the way towards a more sustainable and waste-conscious urban future.

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let's make sure that each of our products gets fixed at least once during its lifetime.

let's make sure that each of our products gets fixed at least once during its lifetime.

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