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city overview

dresden, nestled along the banks of the river elbe, stands as a beacon of resilience and transformation. famed for its baroque and rococo city center, this german jewel has risen from the ashes of its wartime destruction to become a thriving hub of culture, innovation, and sustainability. dresden's commitment to a zero waste future and the circular economy is evident in its urban fabric, from the bustling neumarkt to the tranquil großgarten. as a city that harmonizes its rich history with forward-thinking environmental initiatives, dresden serves as an exemplary model for sustainable urban living.

fun facts

- dresden is home to the frauenkirche, a symbol of reconciliation, which was meticulously reconstructed using original stones after being destroyed during world war ii.

- the city boasts one of the greenest footprints in germany, with a vast network of parks, gardens, and nature reserves that foster a close connection to the environment.

- dresden's "pfand system" encourages recycling and reuse, particularly with glass and plastic bottles, underscoring its dedication to waste reduction.

- the zero waste shop "losgelöst" in neustadt offers residents a way to shop sustainably, selling a variety of bulk goods free from single-use packaging.

- dresden participates in the annual european mobility week, promoting sustainable transport solutions and encouraging citizens to adopt more eco-friendly modes of transportation.

- the "repair café dresden" initiative empowers residents to fix broken items rather than discard them, championing the principles of the circular economy and reducing waste.

- dresden's university of technology is at the forefront of research in renewable energy and sustainable urban development, fostering innovation that contributes to the city's zero waste goals.

- the "elbe clean-up" event, organized by local volunteers, demonstrates community commitment to preserving the natural beauty and health of the river, further reflecting dresden's environmental consciousness.

embracing its historical legacy while pioneering sustainable practices, dresden exemplifies how urban environments can flourish as centers of cultural heritage, innovation, and environmental stewardship.

sustainability snapshot

notable achievements:

1. recycling and waste management: dresden has made significant strides in recycling and waste management. the city has implemented a comprehensive system that segregates waste into various categories such as paper, plastics, organic waste, and residual waste. this has led to an effective recycling rate that outperforms many other european cities.

2. green city areas: dresden is renowned for its commitment to green spaces, which play a crucial role in waste reduction by promoting biodiversity and environmental stewardship. the city's parks and gardens are maintained using environmentally friendly practices.

3. energy efficiency: investment in energy-efficient infrastructure has been a cornerstone of dresden's sustainable development. the city has retrofitted public buildings and is incorporating energy-efficient designs in new constructions.

ongoing projects:

1. zero waste strategy: dresden is working on expanding its zero waste strategy by focusing on reducing the amount of waste generated. initiatives include promoting reusable packaging and supporting zero waste shops.

2. circular economy initiatives: the city is fostering partnerships with local businesses to implement circular economy practices. this includes encouraging product design that facilitates repair, reuse, and recycling, as well as supporting local sharing and leasing models.

3. repair initiatives: dresden hosts regular repair cafes and workshops, empowering residents to fix broken items rather than discard them. the city also supports local businesses that offer repair services, contributing to a culture of maintenance and longevity.

future goals:

1. waste reduction: dresden aims to further reduce the per capita waste generation through public education campaigns and by providing more resources to facilitate waste prevention at the source.

2. expansion of circular economy: the city plans to integrate circular economy principles into all aspects of urban development, including housing, urban planning, and public procurement.

3. innovative technology for waste treatment: research and investment into new technologies for waste treatment and material recovery are on the agenda to ensure dresden stays ahead in sustainable waste management.

waste statistics:

- recycling rate: dresden has achieved a recycling rate of over 50%, with ambitions to increase this figure through improved sorting technology and public participation.

- waste generation: the average waste generated per person in dresden is below the national average in germany, indicating the effectiveness of the city’s waste reduction strategies.

- organic waste collection: a significant portion of dresden’s waste is biodegradable. the city has a well-established system for collecting and composting organic waste, turning it into valuable compost for agricultural and landscaping use.

- repair and reuse: statistics from repair cafes and local businesses show a growing trend in the repair and reuse of items, signaling a shift away from the throwaway culture.

dresden’s sustainability snapshot showcases a city that is actively engaging in the journey towards zero waste, with a strong emphasis on circular economy and repair initiatives. the city's achievements and goals demonstrate a commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable urban living.

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let's make sure that each of our products gets fixed at least once during its lifetime.

let's make sure that each of our products gets fixed at least once during its lifetime.

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