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city overview

nestled along the baltic coast, gdansk is a city steeped in rich history and vibrant culture. as a pivotal maritime hub, it boasts a unique blend of architectural marvels, from the medieval port crane to its picturesque old town. gdansk's commitment to sustainability and the zero waste movement positions it as a leader in environmental stewardship within poland and beyond. this city not only cherishes its past but also looks forward to a greener, more sustainable future.

fun facts

- gdansk forms part of the tri-city (trójmiasto) agglomeration with sopot and gdynia, creating a dynamic urban space that champions collective environmental initiatives.

- the city is home to the european solidarity centre, a museum and library dedicated to the history of the solidarity movement, underscoring gdansk's role in shaping modern european history and its spirit of community and resilience.

- it hosts the st. dominic's fair annually, one of the oldest and largest open-air markets in europe, offering a unique opportunity to promote zero waste practices among vendors and attendees alike.

- gdansk's investment in green spaces and public parks, such as oliwa park, provides residents and visitors with ample opportunities to connect with nature and practice sustainable living.

- the city has pioneered the use of electric public transportation vehicles, including buses and water trams, reducing its carbon footprint and encouraging eco-friendly travel.

- gdansk's vibrant community of artisans and craftsmen is at the heart of its repair culture, with numerous workshops and initiatives dedicated to product longevity and the circular economy.

- it is actively involved in international environmental projects and networks, striving to share best practices and learn from global efforts in waste reduction and sustainability.

by embracing its historical roots and leveraging its community's dedication to the environment, gdansk continues to pave the way toward a zero waste future, making it an exemplary model for cities worldwide.

sustainability snapshot


- single-use plastic reduction: gdańsk has implemented measures to reduce single-use plastic consumption, including local campaigns promoting reusable shopping bags and containers.

- waste separation: the city has introduced an effective waste separation system, which has significantly improved recycling rates.

- educational programs: gdańsk has invested in educational programs aimed at increasing public awareness about the importance of waste reduction and management.

ongoing projects:

- eco-innovation: gdańsk is fostering eco-innovation within local businesses, encouraging them to develop sustainable products and services.

- urban composting: the city is expanding urban composting facilities, allowing residents to turn organic waste into valuable compost for local green spaces.

- repair workshops: gdańsk has initiated community repair workshops, where residents can bring items for repair, reducing the need for replacements and lowering waste.

future goals:

- zero waste certification: gdańsk aims to achieve zero waste certification for the city, with stringent waste reduction and management criteria.

- circular economy integration: the city intends to fully integrate circular economy principles into local businesses and municipal operations, ensuring resources are kept in use for as long as possible.

- expansion of repair initiatives: plans are in place to broaden the scope of repair initiatives, including setting up more permanent repair centers for electronics, clothing, and furniture.

waste statistics:

- recycling rate: gdańsk has seen an increase in its recycling rate, with current figures around 30%, and aims to reach 50% by 2025.

- waste generation: the average waste generated per capita in gdańsk is approximately 300 kg/year, with a targeted reduction to 250 kg/year within the next decade.

- landfill diversion: through improved waste management strategies, the city has successfully diverted over 60% of its waste from landfills, with an objective of reaching 70% in the coming years.

this snapshot of gdańsk reflects the city's commitment to sustainable living and waste reduction. with ongoing progress and ambitious goals, gdańsk is poised to become a leading example of urban zero waste and circular economy practices in the region.

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let's make sure that each of our products gets fixed at least once during its lifetime.

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