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city overview

riga, the vibrant capital of latvia, stands as a beacon of cultural richness and historical grandeur. nestled at the heart of the baltic region, this picturesque city marries ancient traditions with modern sustainability efforts. as a hub for innovation and a proponent of environmental stewardship, riga is on a steadfast journey towards embracing zero waste principles and fostering a circular economy. its quaint cobblestone streets, art nouveau architecture, and the bustling central market are testaments to its commitment to preserving beauty, both cultural and natural. in this city overview, we delve into riga's commendable strides towards sustainability, highlighting its dedication to waste reduction, product repair, and circular economy initiatives.

fun facts

- riga is home to the largest market in europe, the riga central market, where locals and visitors alike can indulge in fresh, locally-sourced produce, championing the concept of zero waste through minimal packaging and food waste reduction.

- the city boasts an impressive array of art nouveau architecture, a significant portion of which has been meticulously restored, showcasing riga's commitment to repair and preservation over replacement.

- riga's residents have access to numerous community repair workshops and initiatives, encouraging the repair and reuse of items, from electronics to clothing, reducing the need for new purchases.

- in an effort to promote sustainable transportation, riga has developed an extensive network of cycling paths, making it easier and more appealing for residents to opt for eco-friendly travel options.

- the city has embraced the principles of the circular economy with initiatives like the "green point" system, which rewards citizens for recycling, and the promotion of composting, further reducing the impact on landfills.

- riga's public parks and green spaces are not only a testament to the city's natural beauty but also play a crucial role in its sustainability efforts, serving as green lungs and promoting biodiversity.

riga's journey towards becoming a zero waste city is an inspiring example of how urban environments can lead the way in sustainability and environmental responsibility. through education, engagement, and the implementation of forward-thinking initiatives, riga is making significant strides towards a greener, more sustainable future.

sustainability snapshot

accomplishments and objectives:

riga, the capital and largest city of latvia, has embraced the challenge of becoming a more sustainable urban environment through various waste reduction strategies, circular economy efforts, and repair initiatives. the city has made notable strides in incorporating zero waste principles into its urban development plans.

zero waste accomplishments:

- riga has successfully implemented a comprehensive recycling program, which includes the separation of organic waste, paper, glass, and plastics. this effort has significantly reduced the amount of waste sent to landfills.

- the city has launched educational campaigns aimed at promoting zero waste lifestyles among its residents. these include workshops on composting, sustainable shopping, and waste reduction at home.

circular economy strategies:

- riga has fostered partnerships with local businesses to encourage the adoption of circular economy models. this includes initiatives to reuse materials and to design products with their entire lifecycle in mind.

- the city supports local markets and second-hand stores, aiming to extend the life of goods and reduce waste associated with new products.

repair initiatives:

- the "riga repairs" program encourages citizens to repair and refurbish items rather than discard them. this is supported by a network of repair cafes and community workshops where residents can learn repair skills.

- riga has established "tool libraries" where residents can borrow tools for diy projects, thus promoting the repair and maintenance of household items.

future goals:

riga aims to continue its progress towards becoming a zero waste city by setting ambitious goals for the future:

- achieve a 50% reduction in waste sent to landfills by 2030.

- expand the "riga repairs" program to include more community centers and increase public participation.

- develop incentives for businesses that adopt circular economy practices, such as tax breaks or grants.

- introduce stricter regulations on single-use plastics and promote alternatives.

waste statistics:

- as of the latest data, riga has managed to recycle approximately 35% of its municipal waste, with an ongoing target to improve these figures.

- the city generates around 300,000 tonnes of waste per year, with a significant portion being diverted from landfills due to the recycling program.

- organic waste makes up a considerable percentage of the waste stream, and the city has targeted this area with specific composting initiatives, aiming to process the majority of this waste type through biological treatment.

in conclusion, riga is actively working towards a sustainable and waste-conscious future. the city recognizes the importance of engaging its citizens in these efforts and continues to innovate and invest in zero waste, circular economy strategies, and repair initiatives that will foster a more resilient and sustainable urban environment for current and future generations.

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let's make sure that each of our products gets fixed at least once during its lifetime.

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