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city overview

in the heart of europe lies vilnius, lithuania's vibrant capital, which marries historical charm with forward-thinking sustainability initiatives. this city, nestled between picturesque hills and the winding neris river, is not just a hub of baroque architecture but also a burgeoning center for zero waste and circular economy efforts. as vilnius strides toward a greener future, its commitment to reducing waste, promoting product repair, and engaging its community in sustainable practices shines through. let’s dive into what makes vilnius a model city for zero waste communication.

fun facts

- vilnius was designated a unesco world heritage site in 1994, spotlighting its well-preserved medieval old town.

- the city is pioneering in green city solutions, including the establishment of over 100 parks and public gardens, making it one of europe's greenest capitals.

- vilnius hosts an annual "big repair day" event, encouraging locals to repair household items, from electronics to furniture, fostering a culture of reusability and skill-sharing.

- it has implemented a robust municipal waste management system that prioritizes recycling and composting, significantly reducing landfill waste.

- the city's "zero waste restaurants" initiative supports eateries in minimizing food waste through better inventory management and offering compostable packaging options.

- vilnius's public transportation system is making strides toward sustainability, with plans to introduce more electric buses and bike-sharing programs, reducing the city's carbon footprint.

- the local government has launched educational campaigns on zero waste living, offering workshops and resources to residents on how to minimize their environmental impact.

- vilnius's commitment to sustainability is also evident in its investment in renewable energy sources, aiming to make the city more energy independent and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

as vilnius continues to grow and evolve, its dedication to building a sustainable, zero waste community stands as a testament to what cities around the world can achieve with commitment and innovation.

sustainability snapshot


- waste management system: vilnius has implemented an effective waste sorting and collection system, encouraging residents to separate paper, plastic, glass, and biodegradable materials.

- circular economy initiatives: the city has supported local businesses in adopting circular economy principles, such as upcycling and recycling materials to create new products.

- urban composting: community-led composting initiatives have been put into action, reducing organic waste and educating citizens on the importance of composting.

- repair workshops: the proliferation of repair cafes and workshops throughout vilnius has empowered citizens to fix items rather than dispose of them, fostering a repair culture within the community.

ongoing projects:

- zero waste education: vilnius continues to expand its educational programs in schools and among the general populace to promote the importance of reducing waste and engaging in sustainable lifestyles.

- sustainable public procurement: the city is actively working towards sustainable procurement policies, ensuring that all public services and operations are aligned with zero waste and circular economy principles.

- green spaces: expansion of green spaces in the urban environment, which includes community gardens that utilize compost produced from organic waste.

future goals:

- zero waste certification: vilnius aims to achieve a zero waste city certification, joining a growing network of european cities committed to waste prevention and system change.

- plastic reduction: the city plans to further reduce single-use plastic consumption and increase the availability of water refill stations to discourage the use of bottled water.

- circular economy hub: development of a local circular economy hub is underway, which will serve as a center for innovation, collaboration, and education on circular practices.

- waste reduction targets: vilnius has set ambitious targets to reduce landfill waste and increase recycling rates over the next decade.

waste statistics:

- recycling rate: as of the latest reports, vilnius has achieved a recycling rate of approximately 30%, with continuous efforts to improve this figure.

- landfill diversion: the city has been successful in diverting a significant percentage of waste from landfills through recycling and composting initiatives.

- reduction in waste generation: public awareness campaigns and waste reduction programs have led to a noticeable decrease in the overall generation of waste per capita.

- repair and reuse impact: with the introduction of repair workshops, there has been a marked reduction in the disposal of electronic goods and household items, contributing to waste prevention.

vilnius is on a promising path towards sustainability, with a clear focus on zero waste principles, circular economy strategies, and repair initiatives. the city's commitment to these goals is reflected in its comprehensive approach to waste management, innovative projects, and forward-thinking policies. as the city continues to progress, the ongoing engagement and education of its residents remain crucial to achieving a sustainable and waste-free future.

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let's make sure that each of our products gets fixed at least once during its lifetime.

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