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city overview

located in the heart of italy, bologna stands as a beacon of sustainability and forward-thinking in the realm of urban waste management and environmental conservation. renowned for its rich history, vibrant culture, and exquisite cuisine, this bustling city is also making strides towards a zero-waste future. bologna's commitment to fostering sustainable practices, promoting a circular economy, and encouraging repair over replacement sets an exemplary model for cities worldwide. delve into the essence of bologna, where tradition meets innovation in the pursuit of a greener planet.

fun facts

- bologna is affectionately known as "la dotta, la grassa, e la rossa," which translates to "the learned, the fat, and the red," symbolizing its renowned university, rich food, and terracotta-colored rooftops, respectively.

- the city is home to the oldest university in the world, the university of bologna, founded in 1088, highlighting a long-standing tradition of scholarship and innovation.

- bologna has implemented an ambitious waste reduction strategy, aiming to significantly cut down on urban waste by promoting recycling, composting, and reusing materials.

- the city boasts an impressive network of porticoes, stretching over 38 kilometers, providing sheltered walkways that have been proposed as a unesco world heritage site.

- initiatives like "repair cafés" and "reuse centers" are sprouting throughout bologna, encouraging citizens to repair and repurpose items, thus minimizing waste.

- bologna's public transportation system is taking strides towards sustainability, with efforts to increase the use of electric buses and bicycles, reducing the carbon footprint of daily commutes.

- community gardens and urban farms flourish in bologna, fostering a connection to local food production and encouraging sustainable agricultural practices.

- the city participates in the "circular economy network," a project aimed at enhancing industrial symbiosis, where waste from one process becomes input for another, showcasing bologna's commitment to a circular economy.

embracing its historical roots while paving the way for a sustainable future, bologna exemplifies how cities can play a pivotal role in advancing zero waste objectives and nurturing a culture of repair and sustainability.

sustainability snapshot

circular economy achievements:

bologna is a city deeply committed to sustainable living, with several initiatives that showcase its dedication to a circular economy. the city has implemented comprehensive waste management systems and has been active in promoting sustainable urban mobility. a highlight of bologna's efforts is the resource recovery project, which turns food waste into compost and biogas, effectively closing the loop on organic waste.

zero waste objectives:

the city aims to become a zero-waste urban environment, emphasizing the reduction of single-use plastics and encouraging the adoption of reusable materials. bologna's ambitious goal is to significantly reduce per capita waste generation by 2030, transitioning to a model where waste is seen as a resource rather than refuse.

repair initiatives:

bologna is nurturing a repair culture through the establishment of repair cafés and tool libraries. these community-centric spaces empower residents to fix their belongings, from electronics to furniture, fostering a culture of repair and reuse. the city supports local businesses that offer repair services, reinforcing the notion that repairing items is a desirable alternative to replacing them.

### waste statistics:

- municipal solid waste (msw) generation: bologna produces approximately 250,000 tons of msw annually, reflecting the waste reduction challenges that the city faces.

- recycling rate: the city boasts a commendable recycling rate of around 50%, showcasing its effective waste segregation and processing systems.

- organic waste recovery: over 40% of the city's organic waste is redirected from landfills, being transformed into compost and biogas, which contributes to the city's renewable energy sources.

- future targets: bologna has set an aspiring target to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills by 65% and aims to increase the recycling rate to 70% in the coming years.

engage in bologna's green revolution by participating in community clean-up events, visiting local farmers' markets for package-free goods, and embracing the city's bike-sharing programs. every resident can play a part in shaping bologna's sustainable future, making it a model city for environmental stewardship and circular living.

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lass uns sicherstellen, dass jedes unserer produkte mindestens einmal während seiner lebensdauer repariert wird.

lass uns sicherstellen, dass jedes unserer produkte mindestens einmal während seiner lebensdauer repariert wird.

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