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city overview

nestled on the west coast of sweden, gothenburg is a vibrant port city known for its innovative approach to sustainability and urban living. with a strong commitment to environmental stewardship, gothenburg stands as a beacon of zero waste principles, pioneering circular economy efforts, and robust repair initiatives. as a hub for cultural, economic, and ecological progress, this city offers a unique blend of historical charm and forward-thinking sustainability practices, making it an exemplary model for urban centers globally.

fun facts

- gothenburg is home to the largest port in the nordic countries, playing a pivotal role in the city's economy and its sustainability efforts.

- the city has ambitious targets to become climate-neutral and a fully circular economy by 2050, showcasing its dedication to environmental excellence.

- it is the birthplace of the fika culture, a swedish tradition that emphasizes the importance of taking a pause in the day to enjoy coffee and sweets, fostering community and sustainability through local cafes.

- gothenburg is surrounded by lush nature reserves and archipelagos, offering city dwellers and visitors alike the chance to connect with nature and participate in outdoor activities that promote environmental awareness.

- the city boasts the first ever large-scale, zero-waste restaurant in sweden, underscoring its commitment to sustainable food practices and waste reduction.

- gothenburg hosts an array of repair cafes and workshops, encouraging residents to mend and maintain their belongings instead of discarding them, which aligns with zero waste principles.

- it introduced an innovative urban planning project, the "river city gothenburg," aimed at creating a more sustainable and connected city through the redevelopment of waterfront areas.

- the city's public transport system includes electric buses, trams, and ferries, significantly reducing carbon emissions and promoting eco-friendly travel among its residents and visitors.

gothenburg's persistent drive towards sustainability, combined with its rich cultural tapestry and strong community spirit, makes it an inspiring example of how urban environments can thrive while prioritizing the planet.

sustainability snapshot

city's zero waste accomplishments and objectives:

- notable achievements: gothenburg has made significant strides in waste management by implementing a comprehensive recycling program, which has led to a consistent decline in the amount of waste sent to landfills. the city has achieved a recycling rate of over 50%, with organic waste being collected separately for biogas production and composting.

- ongoing projects: the city's commitment to becoming a leading zero waste urban area is evident in its "smart city" initiatives, which include smart bins that communicate their status to waste collection services, optimizing collection routes, and reducing fuel consumption.

- future goals: gothenburg aims to further reduce waste generation per capita and increase the recycling rate. the city is also working towards a goal of being a circular economy leader by 2030, which will involve significant investment in waste to energy technologies and materials recovery facilities.

circular economy strategies:

- design out waste: gothenburg promotes sustainable design principles that focus on product longevity, reparability, and material reuse. the city supports businesses that employ circular economy models and encourages innovation in this area.

- recovery and recycling: with state-of-the-art waste sorting facilities, gothenburg is at the forefront of material recovery. the city is expanding its capabilities to recycle even more complex materials, aiming to keep them in the production cycle.

- collaborations: gothenburg is part of regional and international networks of cities focused on sharing best practices and advancing circular economy strategies.

repair initiatives:

- repair cafés: the city has seen a rise in the popularity of repair cafés, where residents can bring broken items to be fixed by volunteers, promoting a culture of repair rather than replace.

- support for local repair shops: gothenburg has initiatives to map and support local repair shops, making it easier for residents to find services to extend the life of their products.

- education and workshops: educational programs and workshops are regularly held to teach valuable repair skills to the public, fostering self-sufficiency and a deeper understanding of the value of products.

waste statistics:

- waste generation: as of the latest data, gothenburg's residents produce approximately 450 kg of waste per person per year.

- recycling rate: the recycling rate currently exceeds 50%, with a significant portion of organic waste being processed into biogas and biofertilizers.

- waste reduction target: gothenburg aims to reduce waste generation by 10% per capita by 2030 and increase the recycling rate to 70%.

- resource recovery: the city has been able to recover energy and materials from over 90% of household waste, significantly reducing the environmental impact of waste disposal.

by focusing on these key areas and continuing to innovate, gothenburg is setting a strong example for sustainable urban living and moving closer to its zero waste and circular economy goals.

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lass uns sicherstellen, dass jedes unserer produkte mindestens einmal während seiner lebensdauer repariert wird.

lass uns sicherstellen, dass jedes unserer produkte mindestens einmal während seiner lebensdauer repariert wird.

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