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city overview

nestled in the heart of europe, prague stands as a beacon of architectural splendor, encapsulating centuries of history and culture. known as the "city of a hundred spires", prague's enchanting skyline is dotted with historical edifices, making it a picturesque canvas of gothic, renaissance, and baroque styles. amidst this historical grandeur, prague is also steering towards a sustainable future, embracing zero waste principles and circular economy efforts with open arms. the city is on a mission to inspire its residents and visitors alike to adopt waste reduction strategies, prioritize product repair, and engage in sustainable practices.

fun facts

- prague is home to one of the oldest astronomical clocks in the world, the orloj, which has been ticking since 1410.

- the city's public transport system is one of the most efficient and eco-friendly in europe, encouraging locals and tourists to opt for greener modes of transportation.

- prague's vibrant farmers' markets not only offer fresh, local produce but also serve as hubs for zero waste shopping, providing options to buy without unnecessary packaging.

- the city boasts a unique "library of things", where people can borrow everything from tools to sports equipment, promoting a culture of sharing and reuse.

- prague has a growing network of repair cafes and workshops, empowering residents to fix broken items rather than discard them, fostering a community spirit around sustainability.

- several green spaces and parks in prague are maintained using eco-friendly practices, offering serene spots for relaxation and connection with nature.

- prague participates in global sustainability events like "earth hour" and "car-free day", showcasing its commitment to environmental stewardship on an international stage.

through these initiatives and more, prague is not just preserving its historical legacy but also paving the way for a sustainable future, making it an exemplary city for zero waste communication and engagement.

sustainability snapshot

accomplishments and objectives:

prague, the capital city of the czech republic, has made significant strides in terms of waste reduction and sustainability, reflecting its commitment to ecological principles and circular economy strategies.

- waste reduction: the municipality of prague has implemented comprehensive waste management policies, including the separation and recycling of waste. prague's waste separation system allows for the collection of paper, plastics, glass, and biodegradable waste, enhancing the city's recycling rates.

- circular economy: prague has been actively promoting circular economy concepts, encouraging businesses to adopt sustainable practices. the city has supported initiatives that design out waste and maintain the value of resources as long as possible. this includes backing for local repair services to extend the life of products and materials.

- repair initiatives: prague has seen a rise in community repair events such as "repair cafés," where residents can bring their broken items and learn how to fix them with the help of volunteers. these events foster a culture of repair and reuse, reducing the demand for new products and minimizing waste.

- educational campaigns: the city has organized educational campaigns to increase public awareness about the importance of reducing waste, repairing items, and participating in the circular economy. these campaigns have included workshops, school programs, and public events.

ongoing projects:

- zero waste goals: prague aims to continue reducing landfill waste and has set goals to further minimize waste generation per capita. the city's efforts include improving waste sorting infrastructure and expanding composting facilities.

- sustainable tourism: as a popular tourist destination, prague is working on sustainable tourism initiatives that encourage visitors to engage in environmentally friendly practices, such as using reusable containers and bags while exploring the city.

- green public procurement: the city is increasing its use of green public procurement, ensuring that products and services purchased by municipal authorities have a reduced environmental impact throughout their lifecycle.

future goals:

- zero waste certification: prague plans to work towards obtaining zero waste certification, which involves meeting strict criteria on waste prevention, reuse, and recycling.

- expansion of repair services: the city is looking to expand repair services and support local businesses that contribute to the circular economy by offering repair and refurbishment services.

- innovation and collaboration: the city aspires to foster innovation in waste management and circular economy solutions through collaborations with universities, startups, and the private sector.

waste statistics:

- recycling rate: as of the last available data, prague boasts a recycling rate of approximately 30-35%, with ambitions to significantly increase this figure in the coming years.

- waste generation: the average waste generation per inhabitant in prague is around 300-350 kg per year, with a strategic plan in place to reduce this amount through prevention, reuse, and recycling.

- landfill reduction: prague has successfully reduced the amount of waste going to landfills and continues to work towards further reductions in line with eu directives and sustainability goals.

this snapshot serves as an overview of prague's commitment to sustainability, showcasing the city's efforts to educate its residents, integrate circular economy principles, and promote repair and reuse as part of its broader zero waste strategy.

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lass uns sicherstellen, dass jedes unserer produkte mindestens einmal während seiner lebensdauer repariert wird.

lass uns sicherstellen, dass jedes unserer produkte mindestens einmal während seiner lebensdauer repariert wird.

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