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city overview

nestled in the heart of southwestern france, toulouse stands as a beacon of innovation and heritage, often referred to as 'la ville rose' (the pink city) due to the terracotta bricks used in many of its buildings. this vibrant city is not only celebrated for its rich history and cultural landmarks but is also at the forefront of aerospace and technology industries. embracing the future, toulouse is committed to sustainable development and the principles of the circular economy, making it an exemplary model for zero waste initiatives.

fun facts

- toulouse is home to the european aerospace giant, airbus, underscoring the city's global significance in aviation and space exploration.

- the city boasts the largest space center in europe, cité de l'espace (city of space), offering educational and immersive experiences into the world of space.

- toulouse's historic canal du midi is a unesco world heritage site, celebrated for its beauty and engineering marvel since the 17th century.

- the vélôtoulouse bike-sharing program encourages residents and visitors to embrace eco-friendly transportation, featuring over 2800 bicycles across 283 stations.

- toulouse has made significant strides in waste management, with initiatives promoting composting, recycling, and the reduction of single-use plastics.

- the city hosts an array of repair cafes and workshops, empowering citizens to mend and rejuvenate their belongings, from electronics to textiles.

- community gardens and urban farms flourish within toulouse, fostering local food production and green spaces in urban settings.

- toulouse participates in the french national program "zero waste territory", aiming to drastically reduce landfill waste and enhance recycling and reuse practices.

embracing its historical roots while pushing the boundaries of technology and sustainability, toulouse exemplifies how cities can lead in the transition to a zero waste, circular economy. the city's commitment to environmental stewardship and its vibrant community initiatives make it a shining example for urban dwellers everywhere to follow.

sustainability snapshot

zero waste achievements:

- waste reduction campaigns: toulouse has implemented public awareness campaigns to reduce waste, focusing on reducing single-use plastic consumption and promoting reusable alternatives.

- composting initiatives: the city has encouraged composting by providing residents with compost bins and community composting facilities to reduce organic waste sent to landfills.

- zero waste shops: the emergence of zero waste shops in toulouse allows consumers to purchase goods without packaging, reducing the amount of waste produced.

circular economy strategies:

- repair workshops: toulouse has invested in local repair workshops ("repair cafés") where residents can bring broken items for repair, thus extending product lifespans and reducing waste.

- support for local businesses: the city promotes a circular economy by supporting local businesses that practice resource efficiency and sustainable production methods.

- circular economy incubator: toulouse has established an incubator program to nurture startups focusing on circular economy solutions, accelerating the transition to a more sustainable city.

repair initiatives:

- repair directory: toulouse offers a directory of local repair services, making it easier for residents to find repair options and encouraging the repair over replacement.

- educational programs: the city provides educational resources and workshops on repair skills, empowering residents to maintain and fix their own items.

- subsidized repair services: to incentivize repair over disposal, toulouse has explored subsidizing repair services for electronics and appliances.

future goals:

- waste-free public events: toulouse aims to host public events that produce zero waste by implementing strict recycling protocols and banning single-use items.

- expansion of repair services: the city plans to increase the number of repair workshops and expand repair services to more neighborhoods, ensuring accessibility for all residents.

- circular economy legislation: toulouse is working on developing local legislation that would require businesses to adhere to circular economy principles, promoting sustainable production and consumption patterns.

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lass uns sicherstellen, dass jedes unserer produkte mindestens einmal während seiner lebensdauer repariert wird.

lass uns sicherstellen, dass jedes unserer produkte mindestens einmal während seiner lebensdauer repariert wird.

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